I am currently working on a series of Large Collage works, based around what goes on inside my head when I dream - these can be seen under Recent Works and Side Projects 
My Nothing New ? exhibition, which is made entirely using 'use postage stamps'  hit  the road in 2017, going to 3 new places, so by the end of the year it reached 6 different galleries in Queensland.
The latest edition to the series of iconic portraits was that of Donald Trump and I am working on a new body of work called "Nothing New 2" based onfamous paintings and have recently completed - The Kiss, American Gothic and "Man in a Red Turban" by van Eyck
The next step is taking it to a large city, so if you're interested in exhibiting it or know somewhere suitable let me know.
My recent collage works and Nothing New 2, will be showing at Gatakers Art Space in Maryborough in 2019
latest news 
The most recent exciting news is that my 
"Man in a Red Turban" by van Eyck was awarded first prixe by Simon Elliott of QAGOMA in Brisbane at the 1770 Art Show, and I am using the $3,000 prize money to fund a trip to Kolaj Fest in New Orleans - a conference/symposium/workshops dedicated to the art of collage
Over the last few months of 2017 I worked as my alter ego "Snipz" as part of a Queenslad RADF grant learning the skills of "paste ups" and "stencils from man.de.
I've then been using those skills to train up "Team Snipz", to have a bit of fun and add some colour to the streets of Bundaberg
"Team Snipz" will be having a bit of fun with stencils at the Crush Festival in Bundaberg this October
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Bundaberg, Australia

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