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Comments on the Nothing New?


"A really great display. Great on the eyes and very smart.  One of my all time favourite exhibitions" 



"Absolutely awesome ! and inspiring - as well as ecologically appropriate use of recycled stamps"

Ruth Vaskys


"How amazing ! Deserves great recognition"

Iris S


"It's so creative and inspiring, Thank you. All the best"

Emile Sclafelle, Vienna


"Mindblowing ! Love Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali"

Kat, Gladstone


"I've never seen anything quite like it ! Beautiful"

Nova Birrell


"Inspirational and wish you continuing success"


"One of the best exhibitions I have been to in this space - truly original and beautifully framed"

Veronica Smith


"It's unbelievably Excellent"


"Extraordinary pieces of work, what patience"



"Breathtaking, Speechless"


"Amazing...What a beautifully planned, snipped and executed exhibition. Overwhelming in endurance. WOW"


"An amazing body of "work". Thank you for this expereince.

Jenny & Rob Downes


"Amazing work and very creative! I love the humour and light hearted vibe of the collection. Very Inspiring :)"


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