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Nothing New?

First exhibited at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery from 10th March to 3rd May 2015, but has subsequently visited 5 Galleries across Queensland 

'Nothing New?' is a collection of artworks, inspired equally by The Queen, Andy Warhol and Anton Chekov, generated by using recycled postage stamps.


Collaged together the stamps create portraits of iconic figures from the art world, popular culture, politics and world history. The exhibition will feature 22 framed iconic images. Each artwork is produced using repetitive blocks of stamps to form the stylised image, each containing thousands of stamps, individually hand cut to shape.


Extending the theme of 'Nothing New?', each image is based on a well known image of the iconic figure; the Queens head from the postage stamp, David Bowie from the cover of Aladdin Sane, Barack Obama's 'Victory' poster, Christ's image on the crucifix, Warhol's image of Marilyn Monroe and the iconic photograph of Warhol himself.


All of these images have been repeated, reused and recycled over the years but treated in a new way.  

Since the original exhibition, Nothing New? has traveled extensively throughout regional Queensland including, the Hervey Bay, Wondai and Biloela Regional Art Gallery, the Childers Art Space and the Gayndah Galley 

Click Image for more Photographs 
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